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Cal Noio Restaurant:

Catalan restaurant serving an extensive à la carte menu of dishes and a lunch deal. Also pizzas for dining in or taking out. Spacious terrace. Located in the heart of the village.

Reservations: 937 710 202
Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Varovito Bistrot:

Chic and modern restaurant. Contemporary interior décor. Groups of ten or more have to choose dishes the day before. À la carte menu and dishes of the day. Outdoor terrace.

Reservations: 937 796 413
Closed Monday and Tuesday.

La Vinyanova Restaurant:

Catalan restaurant serving grilled meats, rice dishes, and local cold cuts. Located in the middle of Montserrat Nature Park.

Reservations: 937 448 604
Closed Monday and Tuesday and in the evenings.

Sant Jeroni Restaurant:

Café-restaurant with tapas and also some meat or fish dishes. Ideal for a casual lunch or dinner. Outdoor terrace.

Reservations: 937 710 340
Closed Monday and Saturday only at noon.

Massages with aromatic herb
from Montserrat
and Can Farrés olive oil

Circulatory massage
and contractures_

Releases contractures and muscle tensions in the back and arms, while activating circulation in the feet and legs.

Improves mood and relaxation. Generates well-being and awareness.

(Almond oil, aromatic plant oils, lavender, mint, rosemary, and lemon)

Duration: 1 hour Price: 75€

Reflexology & Reiki_

Ancient technique combining massage and gentle pressure on the reflex points of the feet to restore the correct flow of energy. Harmonises body functions and relaxes the nervous system.

Uses universal life energy, channelled through the laying on of hands, to encourage self-regulation of the body, providing physical, mental, and emotional balance. (Can Farrés olive oil and oils from aromatic plants of Montserrat, mint, lavender, frankincense, and lemon)

Duration: 1 hour Price: 75€

Energy massage_
(the massage includes all 7 chakras, no choice is necessary)

Activates and balances fields of high energy concentration (chakras) and channels through which energy circulates.

Back, leg, and chakra massage.

1. Chakra: Connection to the earth. (Foot and leg massage, essential cedar oil)

2. Chakra: Joy of life. (Abdominal massage, neroli essential oil)

3. Chakra: Will/initiative (Solar plexus massage, bergamot and geranium essential oils)

4. Chakra: Opening up to love. (Chest and arm massage, geranium and rose essential oils).

5. Chakra: Expression/communication. (Aura massage, eucalyptus and mint essential oils).

6. Chakra: Intuition/*wisdom. (Aura massage, palo santo and myrrh essential oils)

7. Chakra: Peace/enlightenment. (Head massage, lavender and frankincense essential oils) Improves relaxation and awareness.

(Almond oil and aromatic plant oils).

Duration: 1 hour Price: 75€

Electric bicycle rental

Mountain Cross ebike rental 5 - 70,00 €/day

Rent an e-bike and enjoy a truly unique experience in our surroundings. You'll have the chance to visit off-the-beaten-track places any day of the week and depending on your needs. Take your electric mountain bike with you wherever you fancy. You'll soon find out what you can do with an e-bike!

Your e-bike includes: helmet, tool bag and lock.

The Husqvarna electric bike range features a Shimano EP8 motor, designed to provide continuous power and the feel of a conventional ride. Utmost comfort with a powerful and compact motor

Duration 1 day:
Price: 70€

Duration half day:
from 9h a 13h o 15h a 19h
Price: 55€

Visit the Montserrat

You can visit Montserrat, see the Canto de la Escolanía choir, admire the Moreneta statue,
or explore the Montserrat Museum.

For the visit to the Virgin of the Moreneta de Montserrat it will be necessary to get a ticket in advance to book:

- Residents in Catalonia: it is free of charge but you have to book at www.abadiamontserrat.cat

- Residents outside Catalonia: you have to buy a ticket from www.montserratvisita.com

Outings with
mountain guides:

Walking tours of Montserrat (maximum 12 people per guide).

Whole host of alternatives and itineraries of all lengths and elevation gains, and therefore levels of difficulty. Here we can also include trail running through the Nature Park.

  • Half-day trips (maximum 4 hours)


  • Full day outings (more than 4 hours)


Unguided outings

El Bruc-Montserrat area routes:

Routes Refugi de Viçens Barbé:

Introduction to climbing

This activity can be a climb to any of the peaks or up the face of Montserrat (known as the Vía Larga), where there's no need for previous experience. It can also be an introduction to sport climbing, where the participant's interest is simply to spend a day climbing in the great outdoors and enjoying nature, but without a specific interest in learning techniques and protocols to become an individual climber.

  • Long route: Maximum 2 participants per guide
  • Sport climbing baptism (max. 6 participants)

Oil tasting

Enjoy an olive oil tasting among olive fields with views of the Montserrat mountain. You will taste the house olive oil from Masía Can Farrés, which includes varieties such as Vera and Palomar, as well as other oils like Arbequina, typical of the Brezo and Anoia areas.

  • The tasting will last 1 hour and will be accompanied by cheese
    and bread.
  • 30€ per person.
  • Highly recommended for groups.

Wine tasting

Wine Tasting by Typology
Red, White, Rosé

Wine Tasting by Type of Grape
Garnacha, Chardonnay, Merlot, etc.

Wine Tasting by Denomination of Origin
D.O. Montsant, D.O.Q. Rioja, D.O. Penedès, etc.

Local Wine Tasting
Wines close to the tasting area are sampled.

Sparkling Wine Tasting
Cava, Corpinnat, Champagne.

Wine Tasting by Countries
Spain, France, Italy, Argentina.

Prices for young wine tasting:
Price per person: €21.00

Prices for aged wine tasting:
Price per person: €31.00

Prices for reserve wine tasting:
Price per person: €41.00

Chocolate Pairing Prices:
Price per person: €3.00

Cheese Pairing Prices:
Price per person: €5.00

Charcuterie Pairing Prices:
Price per person: €5.00

Important Notes:

  • We can organize your wine tasting for any number
    of attendees, starting from one person, but we have
    a minimum billable cost of €200.00 + VAT.
  • Duration: +/- 90 minutes
  • Languages: Spanish and Catalan

Buggy route in Barcelona on off-road roads.

Two Hours of Adventure and Nature!

If you want to test your 4x4 driving skills, our buggy route near Montserrat mountain is the activity you're looking for. Drive through off-road paths and enjoy nature. Guided buggy tours are the perfect experience to enjoy with friends, partners, and family.

  • €280 per buggy for 2 occupants for a minimum group
    of 8 people.
  • €220 per buggy for 2 occupants for a group of 4 people.
  • €250 per buggy for 2 occupants for two people

The journeys last 2 hours, except for trips for a minimum group of 8 people, which last 4 hours including a breakfast stop.

Discover the experience of paragliding from the highest point of Montserrat.

The paragliding activity in Montserrat that we offer is available in 3 modes:

Walk + tandem paragliding flight: €230
Climbing + tandem paragliding flight: €280
Via Ferrata and Fly: €250

If the customer wants the video option, it is an additional €20.

Visit Barcelona

Tour around Barcelona by taxi or with a guide who'll show you both the avant-garde and the traditional Barcelona.

Vuelos en avioneta por la montaña
de montserrat

Discover the majesty of Montserrat from a unique perspective. Our exciting light aircraft flight offers you the opportunity to experience the beauty of this iconic mountain and its surroundings like never before.

During this thrilling aerial ride, you will enjoy unparalleled panoramic views of Montserrat, its imposing rock formations, and the surrounding landscape. Our experienced pilot will guide you through the region, pointing out landmarks and providing informative commentary throughout the journey.


  • You will enjoy an exhilarating flight spanning 45 minutes.
    The total duration of the activity is approximately
    1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Price: €345 (3 people)

*We offer a transfer service from Barcelona as an additional option for all our services. This service incurs an extra cost of €60, which will be applied to any booking that wishes to include it.

Details of activities:

• All activities include accident and rescue insurance for the duration of the activity.

• All climbing activities include all individual and collective technical equipment.

• All activities can be done in Catalan, Spanish, English, or French.

• Activities will preferably take place around Montserrat. However, they can also be held elsewhere in exceptional circumstances or with prior mutual agreement among participants.

• If I was not able to do the contracted activity in person, it can also be done with qualified mountain technicians and guides. In any case, availability should always be confirmed. In any case, availability should always be confirmed.

• Prices do NOT include VAT.